Financial Advisors
Attract Ideal Clients With Content Marketing

(without spending hours writing and
without spending $1,000+ per month on an agency)



Content marketing is the one strategy that has allowed us to grow rapidly over the last few years, but advisors always tell me they don’t have the time or they don’t know how to do it. 

In 2019, I started testing out posting once per week on LinkedIn without knowing what I was doing.
Now our advisory firm is receiving 40+ prospects reaching out for an intro call every month.

The problem I realized was that it DID take up a lot of time...
Until this year.

So I've spent the last 9 months learning how to get ChatGPT to do 90% of the content creation work for me and now I’m sharing it with other advisors. 

Here’s My Goal:

To find good advisors, who:

  • Care about their clients
  • Are great at the technical part, but don't have the time or are not as good at the marketing part. 

Then give them the shortcut to quickly improve their marketing using AI. 

In short, I want clients to work with great advisors VS getting persuaded by salespeople who don’t care about their clients. 

In this course, you will unlock ChatGPT so it creates;

  • Your entire Content Strategy that your ideal clients will want to see. 
  • Engaging LinkedIn/Facebook Posts written in your own unique tone and style.
  • Valuable Newsletters that prospects will want to sign up for and read.
  • Compelling Lead Magnet Quizzes to turn viewers into intro calls.


I'll be adding more lessons over time like:

  • My video content setup, tools, and process. 
  • How to get GPT to create other types of lead magnets like PDF Guides, Ebooks, multi-day Educational Emails, and Checklists. 
  • How to optimize your LinkedIn profile to attract clients.
  • Ways to grow your following faster.  
  • How to communicate your services so that clients see your true value. 


This is an invite-only group for financial advisors.

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