There are 5 ways to attract clients to you. In this 30 minute workshop, I'll show you the one method that requires the least time and yields the greatest result. 

For 10 years, we tried growing our practice the way we're all taught to.

But once we stopped prospecting & selling and found the secret to getting people to come to us... that's when things really took off. 

We're currently getting 60 people every month asking for an intro call. And we're on pace to quadruple our previous best year. 

When advisors hear that, the #1 question I get is "how do you do that?"

So I put a series of videos together to share what's worked for us and hundreds of other advisors.

Watch the video on this page to see if this will be helpful for you. 

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The content was very helpful. It gave me ideas on how to turn everyday situations into great content. 

-Justin B, CFP®

I enjoyed it! Loved how it was short and concise overall.

I'm going to start implementing what I learned ASAP!

-Joe S, CFP®

"This is what I needed! Dave showed me what's possible for advisors and how to do it".

-Chris Reid, ChFC

I highly recommend this course. It will bring together a number of marketing concepts that are simple and powerful. Take the small course.


 I have been attempting to use video and social media on my own. This course has given me valuable insight into where I am doing things right and where I need improvement.


-Eric B.

 Great intro for anyone who is serious about building a sustainable business.

-John P. 

Dave Zoller's course was transformational for moving me to action. I'm a frequent flier for courses but often don't find it actionable enough to motivate me. This course was the opposite. It was both practical and actionable, giving me simple and easy to apply frameworks so I could get started right away without a lot of preliminary engineering (AKA never ending procrastination).

-David Dodd 


My Promise To You
If you watch the 30-minute workshop and don't get what you wanted, email me within 30 days of purchase and I'll refund your payment.