6 Reasons People Work With Financial Advisors.

These six reasons people work with advisors are really six value propositions that we provide. Looking through this lens can help you value your services and it can actually help your clients and prospective clients value what you're doing as well. These value propositions originated with Mitch Anthony and I’ll be sharing a condensed version in this post. 

#1: Organization

Advisors help bring order to our clients’ financial lives. 

#2: Accountability 

Advisors help clients to follow through on financial commitments. We work with clients to first prioritize their goals and then review the progress ongoing–that's key. That's important for people. 

#3: Objectivity

Advisors bring insight from the outside to help clients avoid emotionally-driven decisions. We all know that every financial decision is part emotional and part financial. And if we can understand that and blend the two and at least let clients know that while we’re presenting the financial decisions, we're also incorporating how they're feeling emotionally. So to recap number three, an advisor is someone available to consult with at key moments while making decisions about financial things. 

#4: Proactivity

Advisors work with clients to anticipate those life transitions now, because we've worked with so many people, we know that there's things that are coming up for our current clients, who haven't yet reached where some of our other clients have been. That's so, so valuable for people to be aware of what the future could bring in their unique situation. 

#5: Education

Advisors bring that knowledge needed to succeed in a client’s specific situation.

#6: Partnership

This last step takes it to the next level where we’re not just educating, but working together with the client to make sure that success is achieved. 


So those are the six value propositions; the six reasons people are looking for advisors. As you read through this list, think about how you're providing these things for future clients coming on board, and also your current clients that you have right now.




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