A Day in the Life of a Financial Advisor

I'm walking into the Streamline office here in Warrenville, Illinois and I thought I'd give you just an idea of what typical day in the life of an advisor looks like. Now, this is just me; there are a lot of different advisors out there, but this is coming from the perspective of a business owner. My business partner, Tim, and I currently run Streamline Financial. At our firm we have two additional advisors who are just amazing at what they do, and then, we also have two people who help with operations.

5-10% on Marketing Activities

Today, I'm coming in early and I'm going to spend some time on social media posting. One of the clearly-defined roles for me in our business partnership is the marketing person; the attractor of new business. The primary places that we are currently doing that is on YouTube and LinkedIn. So, I'm going to spend about an hour posting, commenting, and writing some scripts for new YouTube videos.

5-10% with New Clients

And then after that, at nine, we have a meeting with a potential new client. Luke and I will get together and plan about 15 minutes ahead of time, running through the outline of what we're going to talk about with this potential new client. And then we're going to have that meeting with her.

40-60% with Current Clients

Once the meeting is over, we have phone calls scheduled with current clients. The first is for the purposes of college planning and calls like that usually last about 20 minutes. And then the other call will be with two clients who are sisters who just received an inheritance. We're going to go over what to do around tax planning and things like that with them.

10-20% on the Business

Then later today, I'm going to get together with Tim and look at some of the big projects that we have coming up for the second half of the year. And that should really be the day. Of course, there’s always checking emails like normal and making sure we're getting back to clients in a timely manner.

#1 Priority: Current Clients

The main thing we want to do here at Streamline is make sure that our current clients are happy. These are the people who trust us. These are the people we want to make sure are getting the right kind of service and that they know we care about them.

So, that’s one day in the life of an advisor. And tomorrow could look totally different, but as long as we keep our clients happy, and keep talking to new clients and helping more people, we’ll be on the right track.


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