Best Free Client Attraction Method for Financial Advisors

attract prospects

The best way to attract prospects to you is by helping them before you ever meet them.

If you can give them something valuable without them asking for anything then they’re gonna be more interested in talking with you. Often someone who I don’t know will call us and they’ll be looking for a financial advisor and they’ll say something about watching our video or seeing our content. They are thinking if you gave me this much for free I wonder what it would be like if I were working together.

And that’s pretty powerful.

Free content leads to clients

Currently we get 40 to 60 people reaching out each month to Streamline Financial because they see one of our LinkedIn posts or they see a YouTube video. They get free tips, strategies, and stories from other retirees. And I know other advisers are finding that if they create a good free content without expecting anything in return, eventually they too experience prospects coming to them. What would you rather have someone coming to you, or you having to go out and try to find people?

Unfortunately, most advisers don’t know how to start creating content. Or they create content and it is actually turning people away. So I want to give you a few ways to create content fast, that attracts people to you.

Use the answers to questions you’re already getting

The first one is probably the easiest one and that is throughout the week, just write down questions that people ask you. Your clients, prospective clients, or friends and family are already asking you questions. Collect those questions, save them in one spot and then pick a 30 minute time slot during the week whenever is the most creative time. For me, this is in the mornings. Use this time to write down how you would answer those questions, and then share it publicly. Now, it might not be the best thing that you’ve ever written, but if you come from a place of service and trying to help, that will show.

You never know who will see it, what if there were five other people that saw the post? Or ten? Some questions there could be thousands of other people looking for that answer, and your content can help. People will find your content and eventually some of those people are going to reach out to you.

Be inspired by other content creators

Idea number two is to bookmark interesting articles, videos, or posts from other advisors or other financial planning resources you regularly read and follow. Now, don’t copy the content. You should just use this technique to get an idea of what works, what some of the headlines that people are interested in are. An easy way to find out what is most popular right now, is to google buzzsumo and paste a site or a blog or just a URL and you’ll see what the most shared and popular articles are from that site.

A few years ago I checked a Kiplinger retirement URL, and I saw one of the most popular shares was a yearend financial checklist. So it gave me the idea that this would be a great topic for a video. So then that November I made a blog or video about that and was able to share it. As you’re doing this remember, don’t copy and don’t write down exactly what other people are saying. Share what the article makes you think, because you’ve got your own unique spin and own way to communicate to others. That’s what you should share.

People love to see real examples

Lastly, some of our most popular content on YouTube or blog has been when we show examples of what we do specifically. We’ll show examples of our planning software, eMoney, and how we change different things in the plan to impact the future. Using actual fake accounts let people see what exactly we do, and people seem to love seeing that. If you haven’t already, join the email list and get extra content that I don’t share anywhere else. And be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel so you don’t miss future videos.


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