Financial Advisor LinkedIn Strategy. What's Working Now?

In this post I'm going to share what has been working to grow my following as an advisor on LinkedIn. A few of you have followed me on this journey that I took on LinkedIn from not being very active and really not posting anything with about 600 followers, to starting to post more and then growing my following to over 8,000 in under a year. And the majority of those new followers were the types of people that were our ideal clients. At the time, we were looking for business owners, to help them with both tax and also financial and investment related things. Now over the last few months, I've been less active and not posting as much, but I'm still hearing from people who are reaching out to me on that platform, which is really, really cool.

I’m going to share with you the two-pronged approach I used at the beginning, when I decided to go after this one platform, LinkedIn. I’ll also share what really accelerated the number of views and shares and engagement that I got on each one of the posts that I did. 

This two-pronged approach 

I wanted to do video, even though I wasn't good on camera. And I was still nervous about recording myself because I knew that the connection that you can make through video is so, so much more than what a text post gets so I began to practice video. Now there's a lot of videos on LinkedIn and I knew that I wanted to stand out. There are also a lot of advisors that are posting things now. So I used a service to help me easily create videos that included a headline that stayed visible the entire time and it also had automated transcription or captions. This made a big difference because it grabbed people's attention and it was just really useful in getting people to engage. And if you go to my posts and scroll back a little bit, then you'll see some of these posts and these views on the videos in the beginning, they got a lot of traction. Also, here is a link to the software I used. You get four free videos to try it out and see what it’s like and if it actually works for you. It’s very easy. 

The second thing I did was use PDFs. Using Google slides, I created a document with one key piece of information, but split into multiple slides. Then I printed as a PDF and when I posted to LinkedIn, it showed up as a slide show that readers could scroll through to get more information. That got more traction and that got more views than videos did, it just didn't have that connection piece. So I alternated posting videos and PDFs. 

Now the way that I got more engagement and people commenting on each one of the posts was by simply asking a question at the end of the post that made it a lot easier for people to engage or interact with. I didn't ask you a question on every post, but if I did it made it a lot easier for people to respond. 

So that's how it worked for me, and hopefully it will work for you too if you're interested in using LinkedIn to grow your followers. What should result is people reaching out to you to at least talk and maybe even schedule a first meeting.


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