How To Grow Your Email List for Financial Advisors. Not Many are Doing This

In this post, I’m going to share a practical way to grow your email list; something that we've done in the past and that is still working today.

What we discovered when we started building our email list is that when people come to our website, or to our LinkedIn profile, only about 5 percent of them are ready to talk with someone right now. And then about 25 percent of people are going to be ready to talk to an advisor over the next year. So, if you can give them something of value to encourage them to become part of your email list, it gives multiple touch points so that you’re top of mind when that moment comes when they are ready to talk with an advisor. They are comfortable with you because the emails you’ve sent out helped them to see how you think and what you believe, before you even start working together.

Here’s the way that we grew our email list using LinkedIn. On your LinkedIn profile page, there’s a section called Features. This section allows you to highlight a website, a landing page, or a free giveaway. We utilize this to capture a lot of email addresses because people will click to see your profile, they might read your description, and if they’re really on it, click through to see your website, but it doesn’t happen all the time. If you have an eye-catching picture and something of value in the Features section that they can access immediately, we’ve found that a lot of people are willing to share their email address to access this freebie.

On my LinkedIn profile right now, I have a clear image highlighting a free retirement seminar that has done exceedingly well. It’s clickable, it’s easy, and it takes them right to the landing page where they get the free video and training.

Think of something valuable that you can offer, maybe make a presentation on the top three retirement mistakes that you notice, for example. Look at other advisors, what they are offering, or sign up for some of mine too, just to get some ideas.

Once you have created something that will be of value to your clients and potential clients, set it up using LinkedIn Features and watch your email list grow.


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