The Best Way to Open Client Review Meetings

This simple idea a great way to start your review meetings with existing clients. It could also work for prospective clients, if you have two or three meetings in your initial process.

It only takes a minute and it accomplishes several goals:

  • start the meeting on a high note
  • help the client connect with you, so that they actually like you more
  • release serotonin

Because finances can sometimes be daunting or scary for people, this boost of serotonin will help them relax and let their guard down a little bit so that you can have a great meeting right from the start.

When you’re starting a meeting and catching up, asking what’s new or how you’re doing, bring out a recent picture on your phone of something that’s important to you. It could be your family, your spouse or your kids, or even your pet. It could be really whatever is important to you. Your clients, since they’re working with you, they probably care about you just like you care about them. Sharing a picture of your kids very early on in the meeting is going to help everyone start off with smiles and good feelings. It might even get them to open up about their family too. You can spend a little time talking socially, and then get down to the business of discussing financial things.

So, that’s it. A really simple idea, have a picture ready of your kids, to start the meeting off great.


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