The Advisor Membership

Private monthly training for financial advisors on what's working to attract prospects and turn them into clients

What's Inside?

Communication to increase your value

Marketing strategies we're using to attract prospects

Examples of our monthly client video "newsletter"

How to turn a view online into an intro call

Using AI to save time and grow your business

Delivering ongoing value through automated email

How to create videos quickly to attract prospects(coming soon)

“I followed the video and it worked like a charm. I also tweaked the sales process and higher-AUM people are becoming clients!” 

-Kevin L. CFP 


One of the worst parts about our industry is that there are so many great advisors who care about their clients, but they continue to lose to the “advisors” who aren’t as good and who care about the money more than the client.

Our Challenge: Despite being a 10/10 in technical skills, if your communication is at a 3/10, prospects perceive you as a 3/10 advisor.

The outcome: You lose valuable clients to those who've mastered the art of persuasion and engagement, not necessarily those who offer the best advice.

In an effort to turn those great advisors into great communicators, I started sharing monthly video trainings on communication, sales, psychology, and persuasion.

At the beginning of each month, you'll receive 4 videos(sometimes more) with strategies, case studies, and examples from our advisory firm that you can use in your next meeting to see results right away.


Invite-only group for financial advisors.

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If accepted, you can test out the membership for free for 14 days. Then it's $97/mo after that and you can cancel anytime. 


Why Do We Share Our Secrets With Other FAs?  

At Streamline Financial, we can only help a select number of clients.

So to help more people, we're helping other great advisors achieve the same success we’ve had by sharing what's working for us so you can experience the same transformation in your business, and more importantly, in your client's lives.