The Powerful Tools We Use To Grow Our Financial Advisory Practice 



This has been the best planning software that we've used to show our clients a visual representation of their financial life and how the decisions made today will impact the success of their plan. 


We chose yCharts after using Morningstar for over 10 years because yChart helps us make smarter investment decisions. It also helps us communicate with prospects and clients by using compelling visuals.


We use Orion for our performance reporting, business intelligence, and billing. It's become a key part of our client meetings. This software has lots of offerings but we're only using a few right now. It's 




Splasheo was a key part of growing my LinkedIn following from 600 to over 8,500 in about a year. They make it easy to create videos that stand out by using a header and captions without spending any time on editing. 

eCamm Live

This recording software is how I'm able to record and upload videos to YouTube without spending much time on editing. It allows me to record through my camera and saves it directly on my computer and let's me share my iPad or computer screen while recording. 


This is the secret weapon we use to grow our email list by 3-5 people per day. It's because we use QUIZZES instead of the typical "sign up for our email list". Typeform creates quizzes and surveys that look so much better than the other software, which increases their completion rate. 



Monthly Content For Social & Clients
(Retirement Niche)

The key to growing your business is consistently staying in front of your ideal prospects.
And the easiest way to do that is through relevant social media posts and growing your email list. 
Receive 12 pieces of content you can white-label and use as-is or edit as you wish. 

Every month you'll receive;

  • 2 Blog posts 
  • 2 emails for your client list or prospect list
  • 2 Video Script (3-6 minutes each)
  • 8 Social Media Text Posts

25 Advisors Max. 1 Advisor per zip code.

The 5-Step No-Ask Client Referral System

Referrals are the easiest and least expensive way to grow your business. 

But asking for referrals can harm the relationship with our clients. 

Using this 5 step system will help clients want to refer clients to you without you ever asking.

Inside this 43 Page Guide You'll Receive;

  • 2 Simple Reasons Clients Refer
  • 4 Questions You Have to Answer To Get A Referral
  • The One Critical Tool You Must Use
  • The 5-Step No-Ask Referral System
  • BONUS: 9 More Tips, Tricks, & Scripts To Get More Referrals

How To Attract Ideal Clients To You

We've tested virtually every client attraction method known to advisors(except for dinner seminars and cold calling).

And we've found the 3 that have worked the best with the least time commitment. 

This course will teach you;

  • How to create content on LinkedIn and Facebook that people will engage with.
  • Using Quizzes instead of Free PDFs/Guides to grow your email list. 
  • How to quickly record videos for social or YouTube without hiring an editor. 

The First Meeting Formula

Learn exactly what to say and do in the first and second meetings to turn prospects into clients for life.

Warning: this is only for advisors who truly care about their clients but they need help with communicating their value and their offer. 


The Online Advisor Growth Formula™ - Master Level

A proven step-by-step system to create, promote and profit from your expertise as a financial advisor to get new clients through online marketing. [Click Here To View Course]

Advisor Podcast Accelerator™

Here's a step-by-step system to create a world-class podcast, attract an audience and nurture your ideal prospects into raving fans and clients. [Click Here To View Course]

Tax Planning Strategies For Clients

This is where I learned the Tax Planning strategies I use to attract business owners to our advisory firm. [Click Here To View Course]




This automated scheduler saves us valuable hours each week and is extremly simple for all our clients to use. [Click Here To View]


My secret productivity hack is using Two-Way Sync with Todoist. When I learned that the most successful people I know use their calendar to schedule their most important tasks, Todoist was the tool to do just that. I've tried over 15 project and task management software and Todoist. has been the winner for the past 4 years.   [Click Here To View]




This software runs all our internal finances and gives us a dashboard to measure our KPIs. 


Gusto is our HR department all in one service. Everything from  Payroll, Hiring, Onboarding, Medical, Dental, Vision, Time tracking. They simplify Hyman Resources so we can spend time on the parts of the business we enjoy. 

  [Click Here To View]