Turn Prospects Into Clients

By using the 4 Value Triggers to increase your value in their eyes 



We've been teaching this to advisors for 3 years and here's what a few of them have said;


"I've never seen any training like this before. This is the golden ticket"
-Christian D.



I tested out this method for the first time and it was a slam dunk. My now-client said he received more value in this one meeting than an entire year with his previous advisors.

That one client paid for 5x the cost of this course.

-Eric Fox 



"Seeing the exact script and process Dave and his team use to onboard prospective clients made this course well-worth the investment.

It's clear they test what works and we get the benefit of seeing that all in this course.

I highly recommend it."

-James Conole, CFP®



"There is a LOT of value in this course.

Regardless if you are just starting or been at this for 20+ year like me.

Not only are the videos informative, they are short and have actually physical deliverables that go along with them.

All good advisors study strategies and tools to be better at their craft, but the elite advisors work on their words, effective communication, and language.

This course does all of that and more."

-Tim D. 



"The program is great. It has helped me take my Value Prop to a higher level.

Dave and his team have really honed their talking points to help me effectively communicate my value to my prospective clients."

-Alan Melanson, CFP®



"I used other 'Advisor Courses' with some success. I like your flow much better.

A well-thought-out plan of action anyone can follow."

-Eric B. AAMS



If you're interested in learning more, 

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Since we're including everything we've built over the last 15 years, this online course is a significant investment. 


Why Are We Sharing Our Secrets? 

At our advisory firm, we can only help a select number of clients.

So to help more people, we're helping other great advisors achieve the same success we’ve had by sharing our “Streamlined Models” so you can experience the same transformation in your business, and more importantly, in your client's lives.